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Jul 3 2014 : do,s and do,nts before major treatments
Submitted By mohini gehani at 7/3/2014 3:39:28 PM

There was some good advise given to bhagnari community, regarding major  treatments by health care providers. I tried to write some comments after reading the article and was not able to do so . There fore I am going in the blog session to write my comments. 

In addition to the suggestion made in that article, I recommend  that the sick person should  read about his disease on google or other sources, and make himself knowledgeable about his disease and various options available for the treatment.Then only you can ask appropriate questions from the health care provider. 

More importantly, prevention of many diseases is very important. Main diseases that affect people around the world are Diabetes, High blood Pressure, High Cholesterol , Osteoporosis, Osteoarthitis ,Obesity,heart disease  and some Cancers, specially breast  cancer,  .I had spoken to Dr Haresh Mehta , about conducting a multi specialty  seminar in Panchayat hall to educate people about these diseases  , their causes , prevention and the the treatment options .

Also to have a health fair once or twice a year to screen our community members.

Dr Mohini Gehani