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 AGM - Bhagnari Welfare Society 

Host: Bhagnari Welfare Society

When: Sunday Nov 2 2014

Time: 11.30 a.m.

Location: Shree Bhagnari Panchayat Hall, Kataria Colony, Mumbai

Notice of Annual General Body Meeting of Bhagnari Welfare Society

Annual General Body meeting of Bhagnari Welfare Society will be held on Sunday 2nd November 2014 at 11.30 a.m. If there is no quorum till 12.00 noon the meeting will be convened with the members who are present at that time.

Agenda for the meeting:

  1. Pass the minutes of the last meeting held on 17th November 2013

  2. Review and pass the auditor’s report and the accounts of the society for the period 1.4.2013 / 31.3.2014

  3. Appoint auditors for the next year

  4. Review the report of the society’s activities

  5. Any other business


If any member wishes to raise any query on the accounts or discuss any other matter during the AGM, the same should be notified at the Welfare Society’s office latest by Monday 27th October 2014.

With best regards and wishes for a happy and a prosperous Diwali and New Year.

Ramesh Poplay


Managing Committee:

Arjan Wadhare – Secretary

Laxman Jham – Treasurer

Lachu Gehi, Arjan K Lal, Satish Nasta, Naresh Nasta, Lalit Jham, Prakash Mehta, Suniel Gehi – Members



(For the period 1.4.2013/31.3.2014)

  1. We continue to fund major operations/treatments at Shushrusha, Inlak and other hospitals. Adequate donations are received for meeting the related expenses whenever an appeal for the same is made through the community website

  2. We continue to receive regular monthly contribution from Shri Ramchand Popley

  3. We received donations worth Rs. 7,28,361 from Shri Ramchand Popley and the following donors:

  4. Nasta Foundation, Sushil Sapru, Veena K Mehta, Arjun Gehani, Bina Lachmandas Gehi, Subash Bhagnari, Prakash Mehta, Sham Nasta, Lachmandas Gehi, Motumal & Co., Ramesh Gehani, Nirmala Gehani, Sunder Kataria, Kishore Lulla, Pooja Sukheja, Jatin Bhagnari

  5. Investments as at 31.3.2014 stood at Rs. 1,16,65,486

Following figures reflect growth in investments in the recent years:

  • 31.3.2011 – Rs. 93,97,345

  • 31.3.2012 – Rs. 1,00,35,254

  • 31.3.2013 – Rs. 1,08,35,254

  • 31.3.2014 – Rs. 1.16.65,486

Ramesh Poplay



Minutes of the Annual General Body meeting held on 17th November, 2013 at 2.30 p.m.

Attended by the following Managing Committee Members:

Ramesh Poplay, Lachu Gehi, Naresh Nasta, Arjan Wadhare, Laxman Jham, Niranjan Nasta and Lalit Jham

1. Approve minutes of last AGM held on 24th March,2013

Naraindas Gehi and Sushil Gehi raised the matter that in the previous AGM we had agreed try to transfer some bank deposits such that a high percentage of deposits are not with one particular bank. However, he noted that this year, instead of reducing the percentage of deposit with one particular bank, the same had increase. He was informed that this matter was reviewed in the Managing Committee meeting, when it was decided that since we were enjoying a higher rate of interest with this bank we should not transfer the deposits just for the sake of reducing total percentage of deposits with them. Moreover all nationalised banks were on par as far as their reliability/stability were concerned and that this particular bank was not a sick/unreliable bank.

While some members expressed the opinion that such matters should be left to the discretion of the managing committee, some insisted that a high percentage of deposit with any one particular bank should be reduced. The matter was finally left to the discretion of the managing committee.

As there was no other query from the members with regards to last year`s AGM minutes, as proposed by Ramesh Poplay and seconded by Arjan Wadhare it was

‘Resolved that the minutes of the last AGM meeting held on 24.03.2013 are approved’

2. Review and pass the auditor`s report and the accounts of the society for the period 01.4.2012 / 31.03.2013

As no matters pertaining to the accounts were raised, as proposed by Ramesh Poplay and seconded by Niranjan Gehani, it was

‘Resolved that the accounts and the balance sheet for the period 01.04.2012 / 31.03.2013 are passed’

3. Appoint Auditors for the period 01.04.2012 / 31.03.2013

Suniel Gehi pointed out that as per the recent change in laws the auditors are required to be changed every 3 years. Ramesh Poplay agreed to check this with the appropriate authority, i.e. whether this rule had been changed only for cooperative housing societies or for trusts also.

As proposed by Ramesh Poplay and seconded by Niranjan Gehi it was

‘Resolved that Nanda & Company will continue as our auditors for the years 2013-2014 (subject to the above mentioned verification by Ramesh Poplay)’

Post meeting note: Based on our verification with the appropriate authority it was confirmed that the rule about changing the auditors after every 3 years had changed only for cooperative housing societies and the same does not apply to the trusts

4. Review the report of society’s activities

The house appreciated the efforts of the society with regard to the increase in donations and the help being offered to the needy Bhagnari. There were no other comments on the report.

5. Elect the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of Bhagnari Welfare Society

As the present managing committee’s term was due to end, nominations for the post of the above mentioned posts were invited along with the notice of the AGM circulated on 13.10.2013. Only following nomination forms were received:

  • Ramesh Poplay – Chairman

  • Arjan Wadhare – Secretary

  • Laxman Jham – Treasurer

All the above name persons were therefore elected unopposed. All the current members of the managing committee will continue in the reconstituted committee. In addition 2 new members were also being included. The same are Suniel Gehi and Prakash Mehta. The following are the names of the new managing committee members:

  • Ramesh Poplay - Chairman

  • Arjan Wadhare - Secretary

  • Laxman Jham - Treasurer

  • Lachmandas Gehi - Member

  • Lalit Jham - Member

  • Satish Nasta - Member

  • Arjan K.Lal - Member

  • Naresh Nasta - Member

  • Niranjan Nasta - Member

  • Suniel Gehi - Member

  • Prakash Mehta - Member

  • 6. Any Other Business

As discussed earlier a 2 minutes silence was observed in the memory of departed Bhagnari souls

There being no other points for discussion, the meeting ended at 3.00 p.m. with a vote of thanks to the managing committee.


    Ramesh Poplay



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